Veteran Owned Real Estate Investment Company

Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to find, fund, and finish great real estate deals while abiding by the #1 rule, “don’t lose money.” We target investments that cash flow immediately upon purchase and also have great opportunity to increase top-line revenue. Our deals are tax efficient and sensibly financed.

Our Process

We find, acquire and operate undervalued properites in the Sun Belt area delivering exceptional returns to our investors.


Identify Under Performing Assets

We look for facilities that are underperforming. This is usually tied to rental prices, poor use of extra land or poor operations. 


SensiblE Underwriting

The #1 rule we abide by is “don’t lose money”. This means we conservatively underwrite our deals to protect our investors money. 


Add Value

Every property is unique but the main areas we add value are: improved pricing, expansion, add-on services, marketing and customer service

About Us

We are a veteran-owned company that focuses on value-add self-storage opportunities throughout the sunbelt. We self-manage our facilities and are comfortable using technology to our advantage. We streamline the customer experience by permitting contactless move-in at our facilities. This permits customer self-service and reduces the amount of labor required to operate a facility.

Our Team

Frank and John are West Point classmates and former Army Football team captains. John and Adam worked together in the Army. Together we’re a high character, competitive, and hard working team.

Frank Scappaticci - Operations, Partner

Frank Scappaticci is a full-time real-estate professional and owner of Gray Line Investments. He has two young daughters and a beautiful wife. Frank enjoys golf and currently lives in Pelham, NY.

He is a West Point graduate and former Army Football team captain. Upon graduating from West Point, Frank completed both the US Army Ranger and Airborne school and deployed to Afghanistan and Kuwait. As a Captain, he served as the Brigade Fire Support Officer for 2-4 IN division, a role typically reserved for more senior officers.

He transitioned to financial services in 2014 and had successful tenures at Ernst & Young and JP Morgan. In 2018 Frank discovered an interest in real estate and started buying single family rentals. In 2020 he founded Gray Line Investments with his partner, John Plumstead, and bought, sold, and brokered over 150 homes.

In 2021 Frank and John made self-storage Gray Line’s primary asset class. They lead an amazing team of professionals focused on finding, funding, and finishing great real estate deals.

John Plumstead - Acquisitions, Partner

John Plumstead is a full-time real-estate professional and owner of Gray Line Investments. He is the father to four young boys and the husband to an amazing wife.

John started from humble beginnings in Honor, Michigan and was given the opportunity to walk-on to the Army Football team at West Point in 2005. Four years later he was a full-time starter and team captain.

John commissioned as a Field Artillery officer in 2009 and completed one successful tour in Afghanistan before excelling as a recruiting commander and instructor. During that time, he also acquired a postgraduate degree in Performance Psychology. He then returned  to West Point where he taught and mentored cadets for four years.

John started Gray Line in 2020 with his partner Frank Scappaticci and has been focused on finding great real estate deals ever since. He is passionate about high performance and building strong teams. In his spare time, John is an avid reader and enjoys cooking, golf, and coaching youth sports. John lives in Fish Hawk, FL.

Adam Parsons - Operations

Adam is embarking on a new career path, leaving behind his role as an active duty Army
recruiter to focus solely on real estate investing. He has been an integral part of Gray Line
Investments from the very start, working his way up from Acquisitions Manager to overseeing
the operations of commercial assets. With a passion for sales and leadership, Adam enjoys
sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Outside of work, he is a dedicated family
man with two young sons and a supportive wife. In his spare time, he loves to learn and
coaches flag football.

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